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ACT Exam is a big step to your future. When you are a teenager nothing can be more important for you than final exams as they determine your future life. It doesn't matter if you want to be an engineer or a teacher or a businessmen - you have to accept this challenge! Leave behind all the parties and other entertainments! You have no other choice, but to study. If you want to be successful in life - prepare for the test properly. It is not easy as it may seem. Little by little, night by night you are going to recognize something new and useful. If you haven't been very diligent during your school life or just want to repeat everything you know - our app is for you! Mathematics is a very difficult and serious part of the test. Even though the duration of this part is 60 minutes, you are going to spend much more time preparing for it. Our unique test is your own tutor! Sample test is composed by professionals in educational sphere and mathematics. The test is just like the real one. You have two choices - just to take test or to take test with timer. The first mode allows you to improve your knowledges and get to know with the format. With the second mode you will experience the test firsthand as the time is limited. Timing is one of the hardest things in this test, you have to get used to it. Download our test now and you won't need any other teachers or additional classes to pass the exam successfully! HOW TO USE: Test consists of plenty of questions, just answer them. Test has 2 modes: with timer and without it. Start to prepare now and get the highest score! Improve your math test scores with our unique app ACT Exam - Math Section!

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