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Arcane Soul is a horizontal scroll mobile ARPG that overmatches Dungeon Fighter Online. The game has wonderful pictures and fluent actions, as well as an intense fighting performance. There are different difficulties for normal mode, and a challenge mode for those who want to try the limit. Three characters could be chosen to use 47 kinds of skills, all distinctly featured and showing gorgeous effects to give the most excitement. - Splendid Skills of Fighting Games! The skills are divided into active skills, basic actions and passive skills. For Elisa, the Thunder Attack, Spliting Slash, Flame Spear and Sword of Wind are used as active skills to attack enemies with different stances. Players are able to carry 3 skills at the start, which adds to 6 as the game goes. Elisa could also learn basic actions such as Backstab, Uppercut, Attack Addition, Thrust Kick and passives like Managing MP Potions and Managing HP Potions. The diversity of skills greatly increases the game playability. - Perfect Item System! The items includes Weapons, Accessories, Pets and Potions. Players could choose swords with different attack powers, and accessories to raise the attributes such as defense. Pets are bringing significant help in dungeons, and Potions guarantee you the safety by HP&MP recovery. The rich in items make the game much more enjoyable. - Call on Friends to Fight Together! The characters Luke and Elisa are avaliable at the start of the game, whereas the elf archer Rhys is unlocked by the clearance of normal Chapter 4. There is possibility to summon a friend helping out in the current scenario at every stage, which could be raised to 100% by golds. Fighting together with the superior action performance could be an ultimate gaming experience.

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