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The best typing course in Spanish language. CursoMecaNet is a complete free typing course in Spanish that will teach us to write in the fastest and safest way possible. This software for PC allows you to acquire greater speed to write texts without looking at the computer keyboard. The Full Screen version is designed with simplified menus to be easily used by the youngest or in typing classrooms. It is organized in 20 lessons, with indications of the position and movement of the fingers, a large number of typing exercises and various typing games. It allows to save and upload to different users all the information of the development of each lesson. This Full Screen version of CursoMecaNet is a program that allows you to learn to type on the computer keyboard without looking, using the ten fingers. This way you can reach between 250 and 300 beats per minute. CursoMecaNet is completely free, it does not have an expiration date and it contains the complete texts of its multiple lessons and exams. This course contains a large number of lessons, organized in a progressive way of difficulty, introducing little by little the different keys and explanations of how we should place our hands on the keyboard and which finger each key should press, in this way we will learn to write without having to look at the keyboard of your computer. Contains in addition to the numerous lessons, several typing games, to practice in a more enjoyable way what has been learned. MecaNet develops a pedagogical method of learning with which every lesson uses everything that has been learned in the previous lessons, while adding new keys. In this way, the acquired skills are consolidated while new ones are learned. We advise that the work sessions are not excessively long, from 20 to 25 minutes a day, for 4 days a week. In this way, in two or three months you will write correctly and you will have reached an optimal level of beats per minute. It is essential to emphasize that during the first weeks of learning, we must focus our attention on the correctness of writing, that is, not make mistakes while writing, although this makes us slow down. The speed will be achieved naturally as you progress through the lessons with practice. Learning to type is a skill that requires several weeks (or even months) to master, while almost all other computer applications can be learned quickly "at work" when we enter the world of work. That's why it's important that when the time comes we have this skill acquired. It is advisable to learn as a child or young person before developing bad habits typing with the keyboard (type with two fingers) since when this happens, it is difficult to correct.

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