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Thank you for choosing Dictation App for Windows 10 by! Please note: If at any time you run into an issue, first send us an email to, to help you get past the issue! Dictation App is an advanced speech-to-text tool designed to help you compose longer pieces of content, such as articles or essays, without the keyboard or while walking and holding your smartphone. Not only are its dictation capabilities exceedingly accurate, editing content is convenient and a pleasure. Just select the length of text that you want to replace, say whatever you want to replace it with, and it's done! In addition to most of vocabulary, Dictation App recognizes several commands that give you more control. Those are: New paragraph, new line, comma, exclamation mark, question mark and semi-colon. It also understands the text emoticons of Smiley, Frownie and Winkie. And this is just the Dictate & Edit screen. Dictation App is also a handy text-to-speech tool. Any text that you generate or enter into the app, it can narrate back to you in the voice of whichever Cortana language you happen to be using. Each Cortana language comes with a female and male voice personality that sound more natural than synthetic. You can also vary the rate of the narration. The Output screen of Dictation App lets you export the content that you have generated. There are several options. You can save it as a Text File, send it as Email with a file attachment to one or more contacts, send it as SMS with a file attachment to one or more contacts, or Share it with other apps that accept text content. You can also print the first page or save it as a PDF file. Content can also be saved as an RTF file that supports formatting and can be opened by Microsoft Word. The RTF editor is equipped with several buttons including Bold, Italic, Underline, Font-size, Font color, Highlight, Hyperlink, Left, Right and Center alignment. Dictation App converts your spoken words into text in real time, with high accuracy and efficiency. You can correct any misunderstandings easily by selecting and repeating. Generating 500 word articles, 1000 word articles and even essays is an easier process because Writer's Block and analysis paralysis are no longer an issue. This dictation software for Windows 10 has a free 24-hour trial period and then a price of $2.49. Try it out and see how many cool features it really packs. listens to customer feedback so if a feature is missing, send us an email and let us know. Thank you for preferring Dictation App by!

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