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Live TV Player lets you watch Internet Protocol Television from around the world easily and robustly. It does this by accepting and processing M3U playlist files that it converts into viewable television channels that you can watch on demand. M3U playlist files can be inputted into the app in three ways: 1) Let app do search This option is selected by default. Just enter a keyword and leave it up to Live TV Player to do the rest. It will scour the web for M3U playlist files that match that keyword. Example keywords you can enter include "Italy", "movies", "news", "sports" or any keword that represents the type of television channels you want the app to create for you. Shortly after, a message will pop up to let you know how many live TV streaming URLs it counted in the free M3U playlists it collected and give you an estimate of the processing time. Each live TV streaming URL is tested for validity. The search can be configured by Country, Language and Depth. Depth represents the extent of the search. If a Depth 1 search does not generate enough channels, try a higher number. Be aware that even a Depth 1 search can take a long time but the estimate will be given in the pop-up message mentioned earlier. 2) Do your own search Use Google from inside the app to target specific web pages with live TV streaming links. To find such web pages, enter the keywords "extinf m3u8 free iptv" followed by the keyword representing the type of television channels you want the app to create for you. Once a page is found, click 'Process site content'. Navigation is done using the Back and Forward buttons. 3) Upload a file This option is applicable if an M3U playlist file has already been saved in a location you can navigate to using Windows Explorer. At the end of the search, all the valid live TV streaming links are converted into television channels that can be accessed through the Channel Selector dropdown underneath the Video Player. The Video Player offers standard functionality. You can Rewind, Fast forward, Pause and Stop video, and vary its playback rate although this last feature does not work on all channels. The next screen is the Channels Presentation and Management interface. You can edit channels individually by right-clicking and modifying the name. You can also select and delete channels. The Export button lets you export the channel data into an M3U playlist file. Each of the live TV streaming links is valid because it was tested by Live TV Player, unless it expired during the time interval between generation and exporting. Live TV Player has a 24-hour trial period and then a price of $2.49. HasFocus.com responds to customer feedback and welcomes ratings and reviews. Thank you for choosing Live TV Player for Windows 10!

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