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The App have been compiled with the aim of inculcating the four skills of speaking, listening, reading and writing.There are 50 lessons, each containing the following: (1) Sentence patterns Basic sentence patterns to be learned in that lesson. (2) Example sentences Basic sentence patterns incorporated into short dialogues to show how they are used in actual conversation. New adverbs, conjunctions, and other parts of speech, plus further learning points, are also introduced. (3) Conversation In the conversation, foreign people living in Japan appear in a variety of situations. The conversation includes everyday greetings and other expressions and as well as the material to be learned in the lesson. If time allows, students can try developing the conversation by introducing some of the Useful Words given in the Translation and Grammar Notes. New words and their translations. (4) Translations of Sentence Patterns, Example Sentences and Conversations. (5) Useful words relevant to each lesson and snippets of information on Japan. (6) Explanations of the grammar of the Sentence Patterns and expressions.

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