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Nexus Mini Browser is Browser of the Year 2016. What’s new in v.3.6 --------------------- >> Thanks for all user who give us valuable suggestion & review (we can always read review on download page & suggestion on our Facebook page.) >> More Then 1 Million Downloads. >> Windows Phone 8 Devices & Windows Phone 8.1 Devices both are supported. >> Now Surf 15 Website @ Same Time (15 Browser Bar (Tab) – A to O) (See Screen Shot) >> Now Surf Website 500% Faster, Compare to any other browser. >> New World Class 25 Theme. (See Screen Shot) >> Now Capture Any Open Website with single click (tap) & save to Picture gallery (Snapshot) >> Support Incognito Browsing - Private Browsing to protect your privacy (No History Saved) >> Backward & Forward Navigation Functionality. (See Screen Shot) >> Page Refresh Functionality. (See Screen Shot) >> Yahoo is now Default Home Site When You Click (Tap) Home Button. (See Screen Shot) >> Super-Fast for Facebook Chat. >> Best Speed in 2G network also. >> Full Screen Streaming Video Playback. >> Best in Class Lightweight Browser for Windows Phone 8.0, 8.1 A multi-touch gestures, a streamlined User Interface in Nexus Mini Browser v.3.6, High Resolution Entire Viewable Screen (With Built in smooth Zoom in & Zoom Out.), Users will be able to stream YouTube videos from the browser. :: Feature List ::: ----------------------- Get ready for a GPU-powered Nexus Mini Browser v.3.6 for windows phone 8.0 & 8.1 >>> New Multi Browser Bar (Similar to Multi Tab) >>> Back, Refresh, Forward, Home, Snapshot, Theme & Quit Button. >>> YouTube Video Playback Facility in Full HD & Full Screen. >>> Support JavaScript. >>> Support hardware acceleration. >>> Multi Touch Support. >>> Multi Browser Bar for 1st time in Windows Phone (Open 15 Website Simultaneously) >>> Streamline User Interface. >>> Multi Media Playback. For Wish List & Suggestions Contact us on :::

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Baixe este app enquanto estiver conectado em sua conta da Microsoft e instale-o em até dez dispositivos Windows 10.

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