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Stand amid the towering redwood trees in California's Muir Woods and hear about why they’re so special. Find out how they’ve survived the last 2,000 years and what we can do to ensure many more millennia. Beat the troll at each door of this interactive escape castle to win your freedom. Accurately answering questions based on unit content will vaporize these pesky guards who block your path to the outside. Uncover the mystery of water and its fate after you flush the toilet. Or follow the flow of rainfall that ends up in the sewer system. What happens to H20 to make it drinkable again--yes, we drink cleaned toilet water! How about our hydrosphere? Aside from salt, what’s the difference between seawater and freshwater? And which layers of our atmosphere are best for breathing? Flying? Precipitating? and so much more! Which biome to you live in? Ever visited the tundra? How about a taiga? Find out how these various biospheres, among others, coexist and which ones are best suited to support human life. As always, VictoryVR curriculum is stimulating and fun! Better yet, it’s rooted in the Next Gen Science Standards so it is directly linked with science teachings in today’s classrooms.

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