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OptionPass – Discount ka Boss Your SMART shopping pass. Save up to 75% on FOOD, SHOPPING, HOTEL etc. OptionPass is a product of Optiontown Inc, a pioneer in the world of travel options. With OptionPass, Optiontown has forayed into the vertical of retail and consumer merchandise. Under it, buyers agree to spend a certain amount over a period of one year or more for purchases from their chosen seller. The moment they agree to commit a particular sum, huge savings flow to them, beginning with an instant free bonus amount that can be very substantial, besides usual discounts available from the manufacturer/service provider. Example - Buy an OptionPass for McDonalds by paying $400. Receive an instant FREE BONUS amount of $100 (25% extra) in your OptionPass. Use your OptionPass to enjoy food of worth $500 from ANY McDonalds outlet for one year. This highly innovative and smart shopping program comes loaded with exceptional benefits on expenditure on a wide-range of products and services. OptionPass provides a wonderfully easy and convenient experience. Consumers can log into the OptionPass website ( and join the fast expanding global family of OptionPass holders. How does OptionPass work? You agree to spend a fixed amount over a period of one year to buy goods & services from a seller of your choice and receive an instant FREE BONUS amount. Earn up to 75% extra savings for your purchases; so you pay less and get more. Utility of the product "OptionPass" OptionPass is a FREE and SMART shopping pass to earn huge savings on your daily needs like food, clothing, grocery, electronic goods, home goods, medicine, petrol/diesel, flights, hotels etc. OptionPass is absolutely FREE for you. The unique features of OptionPass are as follows: Cheapest Price: Earn maximum savings in exchange for your commitment to spend a fixed amount on your favorite providers via OptionPass. The higher the spending amount, the more the FREE BONUS (savings). Every time you add some spending amount, you automatically receive an instant FREE BONUS amount in your OptionPass. NO hidden restrictions or fees: There are no hidden restrictions or fees.. OptionPass holders get immediate recognition and earn rewards at our partner stores. OptionPass is digital and attached to your cellphone number. Never let the mistake of forgetting your wallet at home spoil your shopping. Pay only 20% now and rest later: Just pay an minimum upfront amount as low as 20% of the total spending amount. And the rest later when you wish to redeem your Pass. You may also choose to pay the complete amount upfront to earn even more free bonus. How to buy OptionPass? Choose your favorite seller or brand and a fixed amount you wish to spend over a period of one year on purchases from that seller. Pay the full amount to earn maximum free bonus or only pay a small amount upfront and the rest later You will automatically receive an instant FREE BONUS amount in your OptionPass. Shopping with OptionPass Shop at any of the stores or outlets enlisted in your OptionPass. Log in to your OptionPass account either on the Optiontown mobile app or the mobile website on your cell phone. Input the bill amount and the seller location and click "Redeem" to pay your shopping bill. About the company The parent company of OptionPass is Optiontown Inc that specializes in innovative unique options aimed at optimizing value for both travelers and travel providers. Website: Industry: Airlines/Aviation Type: Privately Held Company Size: 201-500 employees Founded: 2003 Promoter of the Company Optiontown was founded by alumni from MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) and IIT (Indian Institute of Technology) and has developed mathematical algorithms based technology that utilizes the years of research done at MIT. The Founder & CEO, Sachin Goel, is a seasoned inventor holding 19 patents worldwide.

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