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Suki Backup is a streamlined file backup program for Windows designed for more advanced users who need to select which files are backed up, and how they are backed up. And backed-up files are not encrypted or compressed so they can be browsed normally on the backup media. Suki Backup allows you define any number of back-up groups. Each group specifies a source and target folder along with a number of options. Those options include whether or not subfolders are included, which files should be included and excluded, and which folders should be excluded. In addition, you can easily exclude an entire group from the backup if you want to temporarily stop those items from being backed up without losing those settings. You can define custom macros to define values that can be shared across different groups. For example, your back-up drive might be stored in a macro. Then, when the backup drive changes, just change the macro and all the groups that use that macro will target the new drive. There are also a number of predefined macros available. For example, if you use the current year macro in your target path name, each year your files will begin to get backed up to a new path, giving you a history of your backups over the years. Suki Backup also makes it easy to share settings between groups because each input field is a dropdown that lists all the values from other groups used in that field. Of course, you can just type in a new value as well. The software includes support for command-line options so you can automate backups from batch files, scripts or other software. All your backup settings are saved to a simple text file that can be directly viewed and edited. And these files are stored wherever you choose. This makes it very easy to include this settings file in the list of files that are backed up. A log file is generated during each backup (if specified in the settings) for tracking or troubleshooting purposes. Note that this software is not intended for novice users not familiar with the basic system of files and folders.

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