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Your Adventure Awaits! The Chronicles of Nathan - The Maze Hunter is an episodic action-adventure puzzle game with a Tomb Raider / Indiana Jones style of gameplay. The game has two game modes the story and expedition. In the story mode, you will play the role of the main protagonist Nathan A. Hunter, III. Nathan is a very well-known archaeologist. He is known for his discoveries and solving some of the world's most difficult and challenging mysteries such as Stonehenge to the Maya calendar. However, on this adventure, Nathan is searching for ancient artifacts. As Nathan, you will travel the world and visit different locations Giza Pyramids in Egypt to Rome in his quest to find the lost ancient artifacts. Episodes: •Episode One: Nathan starts his journey to locate the hidden artifacts. He will travel to Egypt and South America to recover the ancient artifacts from the Inca Empire •Episode Two: – Nathan will continue his quest to recover the ancient tomes and outwit his new foe. This journey will take him to Asia and North America. •Episode Three: Planned Summer 2019 – After outwitting his foe and successfully obtaining the ancient artifacts, Nathan must finish what he has discovered and finish locating the last few remaining Inca artifacts and tomes before this foe. He will travel to Rome and Siberia to finish his quest. - Each location will have 3 different mazes with puzzles to solve. New characters and visuals upgrades coming soon in the next update (new game art)!

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9/5/2019 - 2.5 -Character has been updated -Bug fixes Episode 3 coming soon! Pushed back to Fall 2019 4/11/2019- *** Cloud Save bug Fix *** * Sorry, the stuck at loading screen should be working as expected now. Episode 2 Release 1 Content - - Episode 2: With the release of episode 2 rejoin Nathan on his adventure to recover lost and stolen artifacts. Discover the why Devin and his hidden faction has been secretly funding Nathan’s expeditions, and help Nathan stop their plans. Note: Episode 2 will unlock after Episode 1 is complete. - New locations to explore in story mode: North America and Asia. Each new location will add three mazes with puzzles to solve. Game Play – - The game has been switched to third person (you can now see the character) Visuals have been updated - New play mode for the story (normal and hard) - Normal (guided with waypoints) Hard (no waypoints) Game Fixes – - Added missing colliders within The Tomb of the Callski The Great. Release 1 update 0 Known Issues: - Mixer might show Activate Mixer after returning from Main Menu or another maze instance. If you cannot get it to reconnect, please close the game and reopen it to retry. - In some cases, while in expedition game mode, the player camera and the rotation of the player are set is incorrect positions. Temp fix: If this happens, is to reloading the level or replaying the maze should correct the issue.


  • Mixer Interactive
  • Xbox Live Presence
  • Xbox Live Leaderboards
  • Xbox Live Cloud Saves
  • Pay once and play on Xbox and Win10

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