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12,99 €


Three adventures in one! Aborigenus is a small adventure platformer with RPG-elements in a primal world. Hunt the aggressive fauna, learn new abilities and fight with the whole enemy army. Choose who you are - a shaman, a warrior or a hunter. Can you save the flying islands from the evil? Distant future… Brutal gladiatorial battles is a top-rated show, extremely popular all over the Universe. You’ve been sent to the abandoned planet as one of the participants of the show. Your goal is to survive as long as possible, fighting back deadly creatures in the focus of billions of viewers. In a deep ancient dungeon, a mushroom revived. To escape, the mushroom should collect magic crystals. Use acuteness to pass through all levels of the dungeon. Solve riddles and find creative ways to pass the levels.

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Flying Islands Team

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Flying Islands Team

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130,28 MB

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Para maiores de 7 anos


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