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One week SALE $0.99. Get the deal while it lasts! Play as a cashier in your very own grocery store. Have fun with a realistic supermarket cash register or cash till. Learn and practice addition and subtraction as well as money handling skills. There are 2 modes in this app: groceries game and free play. You can play with $USD, €EUR, or £GBP. Go to Settings and choose your currency. In the groceries game, kids enter or scan in the prices of the grocery items on the conveyer belt and puts them in the bag. They count the money the customer pays and calculates the change. Sometimes the customer uses a credit card and you can swipe the card just like in real life. There are 40 different items and even coupons for added challenge. It's up to you to use the scanner to scan the grocery item or to enter the price using the register keys. The scanner beeps just like a real one. In free play mode, kids can push the cash register's buttons, swipe the credit card, and scan groceries to their heart's content. There are 6 different sounds you can set the register buttons for. Play freely as you like. This is a great educational app and cash register game for young kids just learning about math and money. Please assist your child with the game if they are new to handling money. This app requires touch screen inputs and cannot be used with mouse and keyboard inputs.

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-3 different game modes added with option of math practice(cash only), your choice(cash or credit), and random. You can also choose the number of customers you would like to serve (3, 5, or 7).


  • Real working cash register with scanner
  • 40 different grocery items you can scan
  • Practice money handling skills like making change (addition and subtraction)
  • Credit card you can swipe and money you can move in and out of register

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Yena Kim

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Para maiores de 3 anos




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English (United States)

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