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If you enjoy playing doll house decoration and virtual home design games, you will fall in love with our new home makeover game instantly! Download Modern Home Makeover Games ♥ free right now and start decorating and redecorating the doll house of your dreams! Creating the perfect modern house for your princess dolls is every girls' fantasy and now, with our adorable room decorating game, you will be able to design a home that fits your unique style and to feel like a real interior decorator! Making a doll house has never been this much fun! This amazing doll house decorating game offers tons of amazing house decoration options! ✰ Decorate your own bedroom, living room, kitchen and bathroom! ✰ Over 70 miniature dollhouse decorative furniture pieces: modern sofas, tables, bookcases, beds, flower pots, lamps and so on! ✰ Collect all beautiful dolls and pets and create a family! ✰ Complete your house makeover with pretty floors and wallpapers! ✰ Take a photo of the virtual home you decorated and share it on Facebook and Instagram Show everyone your great decorating skills in our free makeover game and choose the perfect modern room decor for each room in your princess dollhouse! Create luxury home design with our high quality furniture and make your doll house beautiful for your barbie dolls! Pick the best house decor and arrange it as you like to express you decorating talent! There are no boundaries to your creativity – you have the entire doll house to decorate and design! With ♥ Modern Home Makeover Games ♥ possibilities for new and different room decoration are endless! ♥Best home makeover game for girls all ages!♥ Help you precious doll redecorate her princess castle! Find the perfect modern furniture and decorate the kitchen, bedroom, living room and bathroom! You need to find the best high class tables, chairs, beds, sofas and so much more! Then, you must complete your home makeover with beautiful floors, carpets, curtains and wallpapers to compliment your modern decor! But that is still not all - there are so many cool bookshelves, lamps, paintings and other modern decorations to place in each room! Find a theme or your favorite color and decorate the house to match your taste and rearrange the furniture to create the perfect doll house setting! And, when you finish your dollhouse makeover adventure, take a photo of every decorated room and share them with your friends on social media! All your friends will admire your interior designing skills! With this fantastic dollhouse – make and design game, you can decorate and redecorate your modern doll house as many times as you want and you will never get bored! This gorgeous house is filled with decorative furniture and other luxurious room decor that is fit for princesses! Take a look at all the fabulous decorative elements in our amazing modern dollhouse and get ideas how to decorate your own room! ♥ Modern Home Makeover Games ♥ are designed especially for all little girls that want to be home designers and create and decorate houses when they grow up! This amazing free decoration game will provide them with hours of fun because room decorating is addictive! Explore the magical world of doll house decoration and get lost in the sea of cute decorative items and beautiful dolls! Collect all dolls and build a family to play with in your princess kingdom – and, don't forget to add a sweet kitty cat or a puppy dog to complete your doll house family! If decorating rooms and playing makeover games is your passion, our girly house decoration game is exactly what you need! Download our brand new free ♥ Modern Home Makeover Games ♥ and start decorating and designing your own dollhouse right now!

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