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19,99 USD$


The kingdom of Urralia is gone, annihilated by a dark deity. In this action murder-mystery game you are the Harbinger, a mythical warrior who must relive and repeat Urralia’s final day to solve a mysterious murder and save the world. Talk with the inhabitants of war-torn Urralia, separate truth from lies, and use the power of Omensight to alter their fates. Choice and consequence, multiple courageous companions, and skillful combat all weave together to deliver a unique blend of narrative and action. With each choice, time and fate is changed, bringing you one step closer to Urralia’s salvation. Key Features: A narrative experience that blends interactive story with action. Witness events from different perspectives and affect the outcomes through your choices A diverse cast of characters, each with a role in Urralia's fate. Decide to help or hinder them in your quest to stop the apocalypse Fight using fluid, stylish combat that combines swordplay, magical abilities and time manipulation

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Spearhead Games / Nephilim Game Studios

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7,48 GB

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Inadequado para menores de 12 anos


Action & adventure


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