Otimizado para Series X e S
29,99 USD$
O jogo necessita do Xbox Live Gold para ser jogado na Xbox (subscrição vendida em separado).
29,99 USD$


Get the complete We Were Here Series Bundle, from We Were Here Forever to the original We Were Here! Trapped and split up, can you and your partner escape the sinister Castle Rock with nothing more than a pair of walkie-talkies and your wits? The We Were Here Series is a collection of online first person cooperative puzzle adventure games. You and a partner must work together to solve puzzles, often while split up. You'll have to talk to each other to figure out solutions together. How well can you describe your surroundings and spot clues? Every puzzle in the game relies on teamwork. But there's more going on here than puzzles: dark forces are at work within Castle Rock. It might feel like you're alone within these ancient walls, but is that true? Most importantly, will you both be able to escape? Feature list • Spine-tingling story: explore and uncover the dark history of Castle Rock • Walkie-talkie: you must communicate to progress – find out just how good you are at describing and explaining your surroundings • Puzzle packed: work together to solve these captivating digital escape rooms • Mysterious locales: explore the expedition base camp, frozen Antarctic valleys, as well as the sinister Castle Rock itself

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Total Mayhem Games

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Total Mayhem Games

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For ages 12 and up


Action & adventure


Install on your home Xbox One console plus have access when you’re connected to your Microsoft account.

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