Starts Debug.exe, a program you can use to test and debug MS-DOS executable files. Used without parameters, debug starts Debug.exe and the debug prompt appears, which is represented by a hyphen (-).


debug [[Drive:][Path] FileName [parameters]]


[Drive:][Path] FileName : Specifies the location and name of the executable file that you want to test.

parameters : Specifies any command-line information required by the executable file that you want to test.

?: Displays a list of debug subcommands.


Windows XP does not use this command. It is accepted only for compatibility with MS-DOS files. 

Using MS-DOS subsystem commands

Debug is a MS-DOS subsystem command that runs under WOW/NTVDM.

Separating command parameters

You can separate parameters with a comma or white space, but these separators are required only between two hexadecimal values. For example, the following commands are equivalent:

dcs:100 110

d cs:100 110


Using debug subcommands

There are several debug subcommands that you can use. For more information about debug subcommands, see Related Topics.

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Debug subcommands

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