Removing unneeded files

When running an operating system as complex as Windows, you may not always know the significance of all the files on your computer. Sometimes Windows uses files for a specific purpose and then retains them in a folder designated for temporary files. Alternatively, you may have previously installed Windows components that you are no longer using. For a variety of reasons, including running out of space on your hard drive, you may want to reduce the number of files on your disk, or create more free space, if it can be done without harming any of your programs.

Use the Windows Disk Cleanup Wizard to perform all of the following tasks to clear space on your hard disk:

Remove temporary Internet files.

Remove any downloaded program files (ActiveX controls and Java applets downloaded from the Internet).

Empty the Recycle Bin.

Remove Windows temporary files.

Remove Windows components that you are not using.

Remove installed programs that you no longer use.


To start Disk Cleanup, click Start, click Run, and then type cleanmgr.

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