To arrange your desktop icons


Right-click the desktop 


Point to Arrange Icons By, and then click one of the commands on the submenu, as explained in the table below.



Arrange icons in alphabetical order by the icon name.


Arrange icons in order of file size. If the icon is a shortcut to a program, the size refers to the size of the shortcut file.


Arrange icons in order of type. For example, if you have shortcuts to several PowerPoint presentations on your desktop, these will be arranged next to each other.


Arrange icons in the order that the shortcut was last modified.


Arrange the icons in columns along the left side of your screen.

Align to Grid

Snap icons into place as designated by an invisible grid on your screen. The grid keeps the icons aligned with each other.

Show Desktop Icons

Hide or show all desktop icons. When this command is checked, desktop icons are displayed on your desktop.

Rename a desktop icon

Customize a background color

Add a desktop icon

Remove unused desktop icons

Turn off the desktop icon grid

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