Folder Options overview

With Folder Options, you can specify how your folders function and how content is displayed.

For example, you can indicate that you want your folders to display hyperlinks to common tasks, other storage locations, and detailed file information. You can also choose to open items with either a single or a double click.

You can change the program that opens a file type. You can also change the items that appear on your desktop 

To change folder options settings, open Folder Options in Control Panel. Or, to open Folder Options from a folder window, click Tools, and then click Folder Options.


Changes you make in Folder Options apply to the appearance of folder contents. However, Folder Options settings do not apply to the folder toolbars. For information about changing folder toolbars, click Related Topics.

Open each folder in its own window

Change the number of mouse clicks required to open items

Display links to common tasks in folders

Add or remove toolbar buttons in folder windows

Change how you view items in a folder

Offline Files overview

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