To install updates that have been downloaded

In Windows XP Home Edition, you must be logged on as a computer administrator to install components or modify Automatic Updates settings. In Windows XP Professional, you must be logged on as an administrator or a member of the Administrators group. If your computer is connected to a network, network policy settings might also prevent you from completing this procedure.

Windows might prompt you to restart your computer after certain components are installed. Please restart your computer when prompted; otherwise, your computer might not work properly.


Double-click the icon that appears in the notification area when you are notified that new updates are ready to be installed.


Click Details.


If you want an update to be installed, make sure that the check box beside it is selected.

If you do not want an update to be installed, clear the check box beside it.

Windows notifies you when installation is complete.


If you choose not to install a specific update that has been downloaded, Windows deletes its files from your computer. If you change your mind later, you can restore it. To open System, click Start, click Control Panel, click Performance and Maintenance, and then click System. On the Automatic Updates tab, click Restore Declined Updates.

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