Creates a directory or subdirectory.


mkdir [Drive:]Path

md [Drive:]Path


Drive: : Specifies the drive on which you want to create the new directory.

Path : Required. Specifies the name and location of the new directory. The maximum length of any single path is determined by the file system.

/? : Displays help at the command prompt.


When you enable command extensions (that is, the default), you can use a single mkdir command to create intermediate directories in a specified path. For more information about enabling and disabling command extensions, see cmd in Related Topics.


To create a directory named Taxes with a subdirectory named Property, which contains a subdirectory named Current, type:

mkdir \Taxes\Property\Current

This is the same as typing the following sequence of commands with command extensions disabled:

mkdir \Taxes
chdir \Taxes
mkdir Property
chdir Property
mkdir Current 

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