Scanners and cameras overview

Scanners and Cameras in Control Panel enables you to install scanners, digital still cameras, digital video cameras, and other image-capturing devices.

After a device is installed, you can use the Scanners and Cameras Wizard to download and save pictures on your computer in a folder you specify. You can also view device properties, delete pictures from your camera, or print photos. You can even test your device to make sure everything is working properly.

You can use Scanners and Cameras to link your device to a program on your computer. For example, you can set your computer to automatically open all of your scanned pictures in your program of choice.

Windows automatically saves pictures to the My Pictures folder or to a subfolder you specify. If you save your files to any My Pictures subfolder or any folder customized as a pictures folder, Windows provides specialized tools and features you can use such as Windows Picture and Fax Viewer and the ability to view your pictures as a slideshow.

Many cameras and scanners are Plug and Play Windows detects Plug and Play devices after you plug them into your computer. Some devices automatically shut themselves off after a period of time. If your camera is connected to your computer, and it is not being detected, check to see that it is turned on.

Install a scanner or digital camera

Test a scanner or digital camera

Link a program to a digital camera event

View pictures as a slideshow

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