What's new in Windows XP Professional

Thank you for choosing to use Windows XP professional! There are many new and exciting features at your fingertips. Some of these features are making their debut in Windows XP professional, and others have been improved upon since earlier releases of Windows. There are new tools you can use to get the most out of your computer experience, and other technologies that run in the background, making your computer run more efficiently and reliably.

First, what you can't see: Windows XP professional has great capability in the behind-the-scenes running of your computer. Overall security has been improved, making it even safer for you to shop and browse on the Internet. You can also communicate with other people on other networks without worrying about compromising your privacy or your personal data files. Performance is at an all-time high, allowing you to use more programs and have them run faster than ever. Windows XP professional is dependable and stable, so you can always rely on the performance and effectiveness of your computer. Best of all, compatibility with other programs is better than ever.

Now, what you can see: Windows XP professional has many features and tools that will make using your computer easy, effective, and entertaining. For example, you can use Remote Desktop to access your work computer and its resources from home, and to view files and documents on your computer's desktop from a co-worker's computer. With NetMeeting you can have virtual meetings with anyone, anywhere, and you can participate in discussions using audio, video, or chat. Getting help has never been easier: with Remote Assistance, you just send e-mail to your favorite computer expert or Help desk personnel and they can help you fix a problem from their location. Windows XP professional provides extensive online Help for all operating system features, as well as a digital tour to help you discover the possibilities awaiting you.

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