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In this game you'll have to match pets in order, but to place one to another you've got to strike it straight up from the bottom. Be amazed by the amount of the cuteness pets in this inovative mechanics "match-3" puzzle style game! Discover plenty of exciting levels filled with adorable characters and overall pleasant atmosphere. Download Now! Enjoy one awesome and addicting gameplay of "Cutie Paws". Beat stages, compete against friends and get the highest scores throughout these cute adventures! move cute pets across the playing field. Make lines of identical pets to remove them from the field and complete a task. Start a merry journey across incredible floating islands in this Android game. Publisher "Yodo1" Game Review - The "shooting" mechanic has certainly allowed Cutie Paws to break ways from the mold, as players shoot their matches upward, as opposed to simply swap there space on the gameboard. Our team is a big fan of the game's artwork, and coupled with the strong sound effects, we think that the audiovisuals will do well in the Chinese market. CONNECT WITH THE GAME * Like us: * Follow us: * Visit us: Please support your indie dev team, share your friends our game. Thank you for your feedback! I appreciate!

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