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Pick up your billiards hints, or challenge your computer in 5 different ways, or use your same phone to play against friends. The 8-ball billiards reproduce these important features of the game in a realistic way. Depending on whether you give the main ball an undercut or you hit one of the other balls, each of them will respond physically and accurately and move on the desktop accordingly. You play with the well-known simple 8-ball rules. You have to put all the balls, whether they are striped balls or solid balls. If you have successfully removed all the balls from the pool table, it is time to put the black eight balls in any pocket you want. However, please note that if you empty the eight balls before removing all other balls, you will immediately lose the game. Take this into account when you try to hit other balls. As a standard option, activating the reference line shows where you hit the ball and how the main ball bounces. However, if you want a true eight-ball pool experience, you can disable this option in the menu and rely only on your skills and experience. Disable this feature and play against friends on the same device, you will have the latest experience of real billiards, you can enjoy on mobile devices. Only the background noise of the real bar or bistro we can't provide. Everything else is as close as possible. feature: - Real billiard physics - one or two players - Simple control - Auxiliary line - 100% free

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