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Emnote is a new standard for digital note-taking in Windows platform. Write down your thoughts, annotate on PDFs, draw and sketch your diagrams and mind-mapping. Fully compatible with Microsoft Surface with Surface Pen, and other Windows tablets with an active pen. == ON SALE FOR A LIMITED TIME == ANNOTATE ON PDF WITH FULL RESOLUTION -------------- Texts and vector graphics from the imported PDF are sharp and clear in Emnote even at 500% zoom. You can say goodbye to blurry, irritating pixelated PDF imports. YOUR PENCIL CASE -------------- In the real world, you don't take multiple steps to select between a pen or a pencil, choose your desired color, and pick the pen-tip size. Emnote lets you define your own set of pens and highlighters that you frequently use, so you can access them with one click. ORGANIZE NOTEBOOKS WITH TAGS -------------- Every notebook can be assigned as many tags as you like. You can filter notebooks using multiple tags to find your notebook even faster.

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