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Hero of Constellation is a 3D RPG game with magical theme. The sense of game picture is colorful and the battle effect is realistic! Game innovation defines the gameplay of turn-based games. The combination of action games and fighting games in card games highlights the game's sense of hitting gameplay, both in terms of picture and gameplay. Innovative settings give players a new experience. Hero of Constellation has a global server and all players play in this server , real-time confrontation, and the game supports English and Chinese. Player in game is a summoner who lead heroes from different culture to fight with the Dark Titan. Collect heroes, equipment, items in the battle of game and improve your team. Contact Us: Facebook: Game Features: ——Face the crisis from the dark world Over 70 heroes comes from different constellation fight the Titan together Free setting of the skill order to make the strongest strikes Combo relations provide the possibility to form the best team Unique equipment will improve the ability of hero To be the strongest hero ——Various system to play Story model with over 100 levels Secret Field provide large scale of gold and experience Element Trail drop magic stones Battle field has the material for upgrade ——Fight for Honor Random PK system Challenge the Zodiac, fight the powerful BOSS Elite War, win with strategy Kings Battle. Fight for the top 1 Guild battle, to be the best guild

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1. Optimize game fluency 2. More detail optimization 3. Design optimization

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