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Experience pure sniper gameplay across the harsh terrain of Siberia in a brand new contracts-based system that encourages strategic thinking, playing as a silent assassin within engaging, redeployable missions. Fulfill tailor-made contracts that offer clear objectives with a fixed monetary reward and options to complete bonus challenges for payouts. With hundreds of ways to take down a wide range of targets, Contracts offers precise, strategic sniping gameplay at its absolute best.

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  • Play as a paid assassin, a hit man for hire. Beware rival snipers who won’t hesitate to disrupt your best-laid plans.
  • Open-ended contracts, bounties and challenges deliver strong replayability options to eliminate targets and collect cash to redeem for upgrades
  • Enhanced Scope Mode offers the most realistic experience of intense sniping
  • Dynamic Reticle System with tactical tagging system to mark your enemies for death
  • Augmented Reality Mask with environmental scanning geometry, thermovision and integrated binocular recon system
  • An arsenal of new gadgets to play with including drones, remote sniper turrets and toxic gas!
  • Show off your stealth kills and execute silent takedowns to be rewarded for precise, strategic and quiet play.
  • Battle the brutal wilds of Siberia, Russia and fight to survive the intensity of snow-covered mountains, lush forests and secret bases hidden deep in the mountainside.

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CI Games

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CI Games

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