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Rediscover the famous game of Truth or Dare in a new version made for family and friends and 100% kids-friendly! *New update: sleek and colourful design that makes it so much easier to start playing the Truth or Dare game that will forever replace party charades for you! Do you always play with your family or with your besties? No problem - now the app remembers the names you’ve added and keeps them. Time to make it personal ;) Get hold of the Extra pack with 100 more questions and a 100 more dares - imagine all the fun you can have! You can also play alone or up to 20 players now, and add your own rules to the game in the app! Play the best teens game and the best new free game 2017! Choose truth or choose dare - so simple and so much fun! Will you have the nerve to try it out? Perfect for a house party, better than charades. The cards with Truth or Dare on them are super easy to use - start playing in 1 click! The app Truth or Dare – Family will be the perfect app for you! Have fun with your children, your family, and your friends! Find out your friends’ secrets or face funny challenges, everything is here for you to have amazing times with your close ones and the Truth or Dare game! With friends, at home or partying, choose to accept challenges likes: • Walk around the room like a duck • Play leapfrog with other players • Name 5 world capitals within 10 seconds • Tickle someone for 30 seconds • Wear your clothes inside out … And many more! The app fits any occasion: play it with your kids whether they like kid charades or not - it’s not only a classical truth or dare, it’s also the best free trivia game that will make you learn all the new trends, play it with the whole family, use it to reconnect with your teenage son or daughter, dare your friends and have fun! Or choose to reveal your secrets with truths like: • Tell your biggest dream • Who could you kiss in the room? • The craziest thing you’ve ever done • Your favorite movie! • Your secret crush … and a lot of other truths like these ! Fun is contagious! So what are you waiting for? Download the app Truth or Dare – Family right now and for FREE!

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