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Become the captain of an airship in a reality show. You and the other captains will vote at the end of each match to decide who is eliminated, until only the champion remains. You’re in command: Fly your ship, forge alliances, plot betrayals, task your crew, manage resources, and become champion! Bow to Blood: Last Captain Standing takes place in a fantastical sci-fi world, a massive gas giant with mist-soaked floating islands and continents at the heart of a declining empire. Experience harrowing high-speed races, deadly battles with swarming assault ships, encounters with aerial beasts, mind-bending challenges, and more.

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  • CAPTAIN A MIGHTY AIRSHIP - pilot the ship, task your crew, aim weapons, route power – and even pull your trusty sidearm when things get up close and personal.
  • FORGE ALLIANCES AND PLOT BETRAYALS- Your AI rivals in Bow to Blood have their own motivations, objectives, and personalities. You'll need to manipulate the competition to survive the vote!
  • EVERY PLAYTHROUGH IS UNIQUE - Randomized encounters, environments, and a rotating cast ensure no two experiences will be the same.
  • EARN SPONSORSHIPS – Win over the adoration of fans and sponsors to earn rewards to expand the capabilities of your ship.
  • CAPTAINS QUARTERS – a place to form alliances, plot future betrayals. or admiring the rewards and memorabilia you’ve collected throughout your time as a Captain.

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Tribetoy Inc.

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Bow To Blood Last Captain Standing, Tradmarks and Copyrights owned by Tribetoy Inc. All rights reserved.


Tribetoy Inc.

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2,73 ГБ

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Старше 16 лет


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