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Gift Card Balance (GCB) checks live giftcard balance. The mobile app wallet offers a simple yet accurate way to retrieve real time card balances since 2012. Balance query is performed by connecting directly to the website of card merchant. All giftcard records and photos are 100% stored in your phone. More info: https://gcb.today/app The app is here to manage all gift cards & certificates so that you could redeem cards, coupons & vouchers easier when shopping online or instore. Never having trouble to find the balance again at the checkout counter or leave cards behind in your drawer. Always finish off card balance and remaining dollar/ cash/ money before expiry date. Any physical giftcard, e-gift card, digital card, gift code and gift certificate can all be added to our card wallet including payment card, cash card and money card. Lookup reward balances or points balances with a few clicks. Put all your purchased, gifted or free gift cards in one spot. [Balance Enquiry] Majority of giftcard merchants support online balance query. It is just like how you check your bank statement online. GCB collects all these giftcard links so that you don’t need to look around. Why wait? Check your balance now. a) Online & Website Check +GCB opens in-app balance check web page +GCB auto fills in card details (manual copy/paste available) +User fills in captcha if required +Webpage shows full card balance enquiry details b) Phone Number: merchant help desk number c) Store Receipt: attach photos & screenshot d) Other cards: customise any card yourself [Key Features] a) Balance Query & Automation: +Balance lookup links and website info for global gift cards +Automated query process by a few clicks via in-app browser +Card details are automatically filled in on vendor's web page +Balance inquiry details are extracted and saved automatically +Screenshot balance result webpage b) Giftcard Wallet & Card Management: +Store any kind of giftcards including printed voucher or email coupon +Simplify data entry by attaching card photo or screenshot +AI-based text recognition that extract card numbers from photo +Manage card details & balance for future reference c) Utilities & Add-ons +Demo cards in app with tutorial +Direct link to official card website +Multiple region support for 6 countries (more to come) +Build-in support function (report bug / submit card) +Reminder & Notification +Optional in-app purchase (data encryption/ backup) d) Query Customisation & DIY +Customise balance check for any gift cards +Add balance check web address and phone number +Utilize balance check automation (captures your manual action and replays it) [Supported Giftcards] a) Major brands from these countries are available: +United States: 6300+ +Australia: 640+ +United Kingdom: 1050+ +Canada: 740+ +India: 300+ +China: 130+ b) Elsewhere: If you have a gift card not yet in our country or card list, you can easily set it up for balance check yourself. +Add gift card and its balance check link +For the first time, manually fill in card details via copy/paste icon +Your actions will be captured and saved with the card +Replay saved actions to automate balance check [Australian Gift Cards & Certificates] Here are some of the popular giftcards. If we missed your card, submit your card via app. +Amcal, Barbeques Galore, BWS, Cellarmasters, Coles Group & Myer, Dan Murphy, David Jones, Dymocks, Event Cinemas, First Choice Liquor, Flight Centre, Good Food, Harvey Norman, Hoyts, IGA, JB Hi-Fi, Jeanswest, Jetstar, Just Jeans, Kmart, Liquorland, Lorna Jane, Millers, Myer, Officeworks, Peter Alexander, Priceline, Red Balloon, Stockland, Target, The Reject Shop, Ticketek, Westfield, Woolworths +Full list: https://gcb.today/au [About Us] +Providing unique and innovative balance enquiry solution since 2012 +Do not collect any card information from your device +Multi-platform app, available from major app stores

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