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StudIn is the ultimate tool for student or teachers, looking for a powerful and complete tool able to ease their organization. Letting them afterwards, to focus on what really matters. StudIn let you store and manage your schedule or timetable, including your lessons (or classes), exams, internships, holidays and other events or appointments of any kind. The application let you maintain your diary, by gathering all your tasks and revisions you might have to do. All being linked to the subjects, periods and groups that you can define, so that StudIn follows more specifically your organization and the one of your school. But that's not all, StudIn also let you regroup your grades, according to your periods (quarter, semester, and so on...). The app then calculate your average for each subject as well as your global average. And this no matter what type of grades you chose to use, whether its numbers, letters, or even colors. All this is then synced in the cloud, letting you access your data wherever your go on any Windows 10 device, only by logging into your StudIn account.

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