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Come explore exotic lands along the Black Sea Silk Road trail! Travelers both experienced and novice will find a treasure-trove of hidden B&B's, cafes, and activities along with significant, professionally described historical, cultural and nature sites. The Black Silk Road trail includes four countries (Greece, Turkey, Georgia and Armenia) - 3000 kilometers of hospitality and wonder. Use social media to rate your experiences and share your travel photos. Map your route from the comfort of your hotel or while on the go with easy to use Google Map functionality. All sites are pinpointed using GPS technology. App provides the location and contact information for over 500 hotels, B&Bs, restaurants and cafes as well as 300 significant historical, nature and cultural sites, all at your fingertips. This easy to navigate app helps you • Explore professionally detailed tours and cultural themes • Use embedded Google Maps to plan your route while on the go • Find family owned B&Bs, cafes, souvenir shops for a truly unique holiday experience • Connect with local guides who know the sites better than anyone • Easily find nearby historical and cultural sites complete with professional descriptions • Read other's descriptions and reviews before you visit

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