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News - Issues with controls have been updated and fixed! As a result of the launch issues, we've discounted the game by 80% temporarily. Explore Blackbeard's Cove in search of lost treasure. Blackbeard's famed flagship is thought to have capsized in the waters surrounding the island. The remains of what may be the Queen Anne's Revenge are reported to lay at the bottom of the sea. Use your funds to purchase outlandish vehicles such as muscle cars, Semi trucks, Tanks, Helicopters, Pirate Ships, Submarines, Blimps, and more! Utilize your submarine and extensive list of vehicles to explore miles of ocean at enormous depths. Clues and maps are waiting to be found around the city. This experience isn't for the faint of heart. It may take 50+ hours to locate the treasure and unlock the secrets of Blackbeard's Cove. At your disposal are over 30 vehicles ranging from cars, tanks, helicopters, blimps, boats, and submarines.

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Новое в этой версии

Control and loading fixes


  • Explore a vast underwater landscape in your submarine
  • Quest based gameplay as you search for the treasure
  • Realistic Ocean and underwater environment
  • Over 30 vehicles including, cars, boats, submarines, helicopters, blimps, and more
  • Detailed and accurately modeled Ocean and Marine Life
  • Living and breathing city

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Flight Systems LLC

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2018 TAS Systems


TAS Systems

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2,46 ГБ

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Старше 12 лет


Скачайте это приложение, не выходя из учетной записи Майкрософт, и установите его максимум на десяти устройствах с Windows 10.

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English (United States)

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Веб-сайт Blackbeard's Cove
Поддержка Blackbeard's Cove

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