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Play the classic and most addictive classic bubble pop game , match 3 colors and clear levels. In this Bubbles Game : Shoot Bubble Legend you need to aim & shoot, to drop & burst all bubbles. Bubbles Game : Shoot Bubble Legend is the most classic and amazing shooting bubble shooter free game. Make combinations of 3 or more bubbles to make them burst. Clear all the bubbles to level up. Aim, match and smash all the balls in this relaxing color-matching adventure. This incredible shooter is simple and easy to learn, perfect for you to enjoy!,Put your strategy skills to the test, Compete against friends and family and see who can reach the highest score and get 3 stars on every level of Bubbles Game : Shoot Bubble Legend ! Bubbles Game : Shoot Bubble Legend is an addictive bubble game with more than 7 islands and 350+ puzzles join now to train your brain and solve all the awesome puzzles and challenges. Enjoy the latest bubble shooter games, which is all about popping bubbles and rescue bunny and solving interesting puzzles of coelhinhos pop game . Bubbles Game : Shoot Bubble Legend Features : Play hundreds of addicting game levels. Complete puzzle quests and rescue the all baby bunny. Pop the big groups of bubbles first so you can clear a path. Beautiful and bright graphics as well as stunning effects for bubble. Get ready to challenge your color matching skills with best bubble game. How To Play Bubbles Game : Shoot Bubble Legend Drag your finger to move the laser aim and lift it to shoot bubbles. Match at least 3 bubblez of the same color to bubble blaster. Clear all the bubblez on the screen to get to a new level. Shoot bubble and rescue all baby buny and reach high scores. Aim, Hit the Target and rescue bunny with this free bubble pop games Bubbles Game : Shoot Bubble Legend . Its free to download and play with friends and family .

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