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Do you love money? Want to be rich and become a business superstar? Sure you do! Play now as an entrepreneur, use strategy and manage your business in the most creative way possible to grow your corporate empire. Get rich from zero to hero! Business Tycoon is a business simulation game all about money, prestige and glory. Have you ever dreamed of being a billionaire or trillionaire? Here is a money tree for you, as a capitalist, to tap & tap again! Your tap to rich adventure begins from the phone in your pocket right now! Even you've got the money tree to tap, yet you've got to pay your efforts and tactics to make the money tree flourish! Being a billionaire or trillionaire is just a beginning. Everything is classified as a button here, but it is more than a button... Being a business tycoon is not easy. But after you become a business tycoon, you have a whole world to save! No politics, no wars, but monsters you have to defeat! Do not be mean to your money on hand, the world in your pocket will pay you back what you want! Right now, you're more than a capitalist! What you are experiencing are much worthy than the bitcoins in your virtual bank! What you've got in your pocket, is a clicker game of being a kind and rich capitalist. This is the most comprehensive business Tycoon/ Incremental/ Idle Game. * Hire managers to help grow your business empire * Unlock upgrades to boost profits and expand your business * Offline/idle profit calculator * Auto save and auto load between sessions * Time multiplier * Profit multiplier

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