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Aim your catapults! Command your troops! Bloody the battlefield! CastleStorm II levels up gaming’s greatest genre mishmash with ruthless destruction powered by Unreal 4, plus a whole new metagame of strategic, tactical conquest. The heroes of the Kingdom confront the vile forces of the Undead, and you’ll plot your path to triumph for both sides in two epic story-driven campaigns. But not without some hands-on chaotic carnage and delightful devastation! CastleStorm II returns to a classic fantasy land of medieval madness, rife with heroic knights, enchanting sorceresses, glorious griffins…and sheep. But a new threat rises – literally…as in, from the grave. Walking corpses. Headless horsemen. ZOMBIE sheep. All-around nasty necromancy. You get the picture. Build an entire empire through gameplay that engages your inner hardcore strategist…then command – even CONTROL – your soldiers en route to triumph!

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- Russian language support is now available! - Fixed a bug which caused the music and some audio effects to stop playing while the enemies took their turns. - Fixed a bug which caused the game to stuck if the Xbox button was pressed while a tile attack animation was shown on the world map. - Fixed a bug which caused the game to stuck if the Xbox button was pressed while the "Shaping the world in accordance with your decisions..." text was shown on the screen. - Fixed a bug in arcade mode where the second player was not able to use ranged mode with their heroes if the hero stood on the left corner of the map - The sorceress' block skill now won't block the fireballs of other allied sorceresses. - Unpossessed archers now able to use their Covering fire skill too. - In arcade co-op mode, players see now only their own crosshairs and cursors in their own side of the screen. - The tutorial hints now display without overlapping if the "Commander" and the "Destroy the Castle!" hints are shown in the same battle. - Some AI and balance adjustments has been made.

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Zen Studios

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'CastleStorm' and 'CastleStorm II' are trademarks of Zen Studios Ltd. © 2013-2020 Zen Studios Ltd. All rights reserved.


Zen Studios

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Старше 16 лет


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