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~ LEARN to read Japanese the fun and easy way with this collection of traditional Japanese stories. ~ ** For Beginners (with hiragana knowledge) up. ** With this app, you can read real Japanese, listen to the story, and tap any word to get an instant definition. Read Japanese is your ticket to the world of Japanese Literature! Enjoy reading classic tales such as Momotaro, Hikoichi, Aesop’s fables, Inch-high Samurai, Princess Kaguya, modern short stories, and more (with much more to come)! Each story includes two audio recordings by a native Japanese speaker—one at normal speed and one at slow speed so even beginners can understand. The stories are presented in full hiragana and kanji (with optional furigana), so you can read along at your own pace. The best way to increase your vocabulary and remember Japanese is to read the stories and learn the words and phrases in context. This app will let you do that. In addition, you can listen to the story while you read, adding yet another sense to your language learning arsenal. Tap on any word/phrase and see the translation and grammar notes instantly. BEST of all… two full stories are completely FREE, including all audio files and grammar notes!! (Note: the 2nd story must be unlocked and downloaded). Try it out and learn from Hikoichi, the wise and yet mischievous young man, as he finds a way to enjoy hanami—cherry blossom viewing. Other stories are inexpensive and available for instant download. Yes, you can read real Japanese—even if you are just starting out in Japanese! While new-to-Japanese beginners can get a lot from this, hiragana knowledge is highly recommended.

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