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[DESCRIPTION] Earthquake PRO App delivers real-time updates / notifications of the {most recent}, {significant 24-hour}, {all 24-hour}, {significant 30-day}, & {all 30-day} earthquakes around the world... [FEATURES] • Live Tile Counter (shows LIVE number of Recent Earthquakes) • Uses Background Task to update the Tile • Push Notification to send notification to phone when earthquakes are occurring [WARNINGS] • Live Tile (under App Settings) must be switched on to get the counter displayed on the Tile • Earthquake PRO must be allowed to use Background Task in order for Live Tile to work properly • Not launching the Earthquake PRO App once every 7-10 days will result of auto-blocking its background task by the Windows Phone OS [SUPPORT] • Please address your questions/comments/feedbacks to dnzh@outlook.com • Your support will be greatly appreciated [v.] *All date & time are now local instead of UTC *Push notification feature has been added, and can be turned on and off at any given time under app settings [v.] *Overall ~10% better performance throughout the whole application *Added a splash screen [v.] *bug fix [v. Release 1] *NEW Universal Windows App for ALL devices running Windows 10 *Windows 8 version is no longer supported; please upgrade your OS to get the upgraded version [v.] *Added {significant 7-day}, {all 7-day} earthquakes around the world [v.] *Bug fixes [v.] *Added Earthquake Settings for easy turning On/Off Live Tile & Push Notification *Added Live Tile (On/Off) *Added Push Notification (On/Off) [v.] *Added badge with number of earthquakes on Lock Screen (go to Settings > Lock Screen, and select Earthquake PRO from the list)

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