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Fancy Skiing is developed by HashVR Technology built with the Unity Engine.The game's structure is based on real skiing that players use the handles just as ski poles to get power and lean left or right to control the direction, which brings players a strong immersion. Furthermore, we add a lot of fancy elements, like leaping grand canyons and hunting deer. While skiing, players try their best to avoid obstacles including dynamic ones to ski as far as they can and speed also plays an import role in your final score. You can sit down to play the game if you feel a bit sick.

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As a domestic top VR/AR game content developer, HashVR Technology is devoted to becoming an international first-rate game development studio. Team members who have over 5 years` experience of game production come from famous game companies at home and abroad such as EA, Gameloft, Epic Games, Changyou of Sohu and Netease. With abundant development experience of Unity and Unreal engine, they are equipped with profound insight into development of VR/AR games. At present, HashVR has developed and completed a number of VR / AR games, including sports somatosensory games "Fancy Skiing I", "Fancy SKiing II", first person shooter "Lop Nor Zombie", casual game "Fruit Ninjia Shoot", " Chicken GO "," Fancy Fishing ", music game" Fancy Beats "and so on.

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ZenChance Network Technology Co.,LTD

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奇幻滑雪(Fancy Skiing VR)著作权号 1650860


HashVR Technology

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