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Ever just had the urge to use your make up skills? If yes, then this is the perfect application for you. You get to choose a pretty model on whom you can try all your makeup skills. The princess makeup makeover salon is the girls game that will fulfill all girls’ makeover dreams. Every girl loves to play with makeup to some extent. This princess salon game brings you a lot of options. You can endlessly play with style, makeup and dressing options in this game. Spa Before giving your model a makeover, treat her to a special spa. You can use a facial to freshen her up. Go for a Party Treat your chosen model to same routine you have when getting ready for a party. Shampoo the hair and apply skin treatments. Take Pictures Get the model ready to the best look you can achieve. Take pictures against pretty backgrounds in pretty dresses. Share the pictures with your friends or use them as avatars. Go to Places Do the makeover in the salon but visit beautiful places like the beach afterwards. Endless Beauty Options Get your model ready as you like. Try on different hairstyles, shades of lipsticks, amazing eye makeup and jewelry. Get access to special features like holiday makeup. Eye Colors Do different eye colors impress you? With princess makeup makeover salon, you can choose the eye color you like for your model. Choose the one that matches your mood or the dress you have chosen. Try on Different Outfits Visit the wardrobe and try on all the dresses you want. Whatever suits your mood, just try it on and see your model rock it. Match outfits with special holiday makeup. Shoes All the shoes you can ever dream of are available at the princess makeup makeover salon. Try on as many as you want. Change as many times as you want. Girl Party Time Get together with other princesses from the salon and enjoy the party. Get all the beauty in one place and be inspired for more style. This is the salon app you need if you are makeup loving lady. With endless options of cosmetics and decorative options, you will never get tired of this game. This is a great game for kids during the holiday season. Get the latest apps to discover more options of style, cosmetics and outfits.

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Unit M Limited

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Unit M Limited, 2018.


Unit M Limited.

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