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Can you Find all the Hidden Toys? The game principle is simple: Find a series of Mystery Toys hidden objects in a scene! Hidden Objects Mystery Toys is a challenging puzzle game to test hidden power of you brain and visual skills in a time constrained game play. Mystery Toys Hidden Objects is a free game about to test your strategy, you will be challenged like never before! You can also choose from several difficulty levels (easy, medium or hard). Beware of the time limit! A fast analysis is required! Hints that will show you the location of an item hidden in the scene. However, these hints are limited so use them carefully. Indeed, you have a defined period of time to find all the objects! This game is all about to find hidden objects in this game.Mystery toys hidden object game is a great way to exercise mental relief and improve hand eye co-ordination. Hidden objects game can be enjoyed by all age groups. Logic and concentration are required if you want to uncover the mystery behind the hidden objects. Different types of toy objects are placed in the mystery hidden objects. Try to find the hidden objects in the random rooms. Mystery toys hidden objects game is also based on time limit!!! Features : * Look carefully at each screen as you try to locate and match toys. * After finding toys time increases * Timed Challenge * Install and play for FREE. * Challenging hidden objects gameplay. * Limited Hints are shown. * Different types of objects are placed.

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  • Challenging hidden objects gameplay.
  • Limited Hints are shown
  • Different types of objects are placed
  • Look carefully at each screen as you try to locate and match toys

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