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Explore SharePoint sites with this super fast SharePoint navigation plugin, supports on-premise 2013/10/07 and Office 365 versions Explore SharePoint sites with this super fast SharePoint navigation plugin, supports SharePoint Online (Office 365) and 2016/13/10. FlyView is a dynamic menu plugin that is automatically displayed in your browser when you login to a SharePoint Site. Now you explore and search your sites, libraries, lists, documents, setting options and more with lightning speeds. Simply put, something that would take minutes in the past can now be done within seconds with the help of FlyView. On average a typical SharePoint user would be saving 10-20 minutes per day, that means less frustration and more fun. Key Features: ** Explore the site without any page loads involved. Site menu is rendered with data from SP web services. ** Interactive Breadcrumb: At the top you see your current location and can navigate from any level ** Search Integration: Now you can search within FlyView and start navigating the results with the menu. **Instant Filter: Filter the site and library content as you type ** Cross site collection browsing (add urls in the options page and find them under the F icon) ** Floating Preview Windows: Open and pin multiple info windows. Review and compare multiple documents and images ** Multiple Modes: Basic (default), Developers and Advanced (for site owners and site collection administrators) ** Smart Views: Last Modified, Last Modified by Me, Checked-out to me (Suggest more !) ** Navigate Recent and Favorites: FlyView remembers your recently visited locations and the next time you get there even quicker. You can also save sites/libraries in FlyView Favorites and navigate directly to them ** Site and List/Library Filters: Hide the sites/libraries you do not want to see, use wild card patterns Note: A server version is also available that supports IE and other browsers and doesn’t require individual users to install anything, please contact us if you are interested. Q: Are there any security concerns? A: No. It is completely safe to install and use FlyView; it works in read-only mode, doesn’t update server data and cannot read anything except what you are allowed to do by the SharePoint Admin (it uses your permission model). Q: How can I used FlyView in Chrome, Safari and FireFox? A: Please check the Chrome Extension and Enterprise version on our website: http://Fly-View.com

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2,4 МБ

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Для всех возрастов

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Просмотр посещаемых веб-сайтов.
Сохранение личных данных браузера на устройстве.
Чтение и изменение содержимого, отправляемого или получаемого на веб-сайтах.


Скачайте это приложение, не выходя из учетной записи Майкрософт, и установите его максимум на десяти устройствах с Windows 10.

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English (United States)

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