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Giving you the most comprehensive real-time gas prices and helping you find the cheapest prices in your area. Report gas prices and get a chance to win free gas! Gas prices for the US and Canada. Currently at version 2.2, GasBuddy just keep getting better and better! (see below for changes) 2.2 now adds the ability for station live tiles to update automatically at certain times throughout the day! Just log in, pin a station and you can see the latest prices right from your Start Screen! (NOTE: You may have to unpin any old version 2.1 tiles for this to take effect). Numerous other improvement have been made like more accurate times when prices are reported, better page navigation handling, and a few bugs causing some crashes should now be fixed. This update also includes better price validation to ensure you get the absolute most accurate prices! 2.1 offers even more improvements including pinnable live tiles!!! Right now the tiles just update when you visit that station or update prices, but the next update coming soon will let the tiles update automatically! Also by popular demand, you can also see your location on the map of stations now too for better reference. 2.0 Is now even better than before with our all new update! Many new features have been added such as directions with Bing Maps, awards, faster performance, better search options, and an all new Metro look designed to get you reporting and sharing gas prices faster than ever before!

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GasBuddy Organization Inc.


GasBuddy Organization Inc.

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