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The best football score centre app for Windows Phone - now completely rewritten and available for Desktop and Xbox too All platforms - Subscribe to teams for live goal alerts (toast) - Fixtures, tables and results for many leagues - Auto refreshing screens - Live odds before and during games (where possible) Mobile and Desktop only - Custom sounds - Pin your subscribed teams to the start screen for latest scores at a glance - Wide tile support Many more updates to come, feel free to send suggestions to wp@aytoncomputers.co.uk or on our Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/goalcentrewp As this is brand new and completely rewritten, there may be some bugs and crashes. If you encounter any please let us know through the methods above and we'll bash them straight away for you! v.2.0.3 First public UWP release - Available for Mobile, Desktop and Xbox v.1.9.6 League tables restored v1.9.5 Bug fix to stop app hanging on splash screen v1.9.4 Notifications and live tiles fixed v1.9.3 Match details pages restored v1.9.2 Quick update to support new score feeds This is only a temporary update as we start to implement things Notifications, match details and tables are disabled in this version but will be back in the next few days Sorry for the inconvenience v1.8.0 Transparent application tile (option to change back in settings) User id and version info provided for you when you contact us through the about page v1.7.0 Odds will now highlight in green/red when prices change Updated match goal graphics to match the wide tiles Few general layout bugs fixed v1.6.0 Updated odds feed Tapping on odds will take you straight to betting page for that match and make selection for you v1.5.1 Removed ad provider that was requesting location information - they don't need to know where you are! v1.5 Updated match UI Custom sounds (crowd cheers, referee whistle) for toast notifications on devices with GDR3 update Stats available in match pages for some leagues Ability to upgrade to remove ads v1.4.1 Minor bug fix v1.4 Updated UI Removed limit of teams you can subscribe to Added support for wide tiles v1.3 Added league tables v1.2 Fixed a couple of issues with push notifications for some users Added sharing via social media v1.1 Couple of general bug fixes v1.0 Initial Release

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