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Grow in the Hole is a 2D side view golf game based around an often-growing and shrinking golf ball and procedurally generated courses. How well can you handle 18 holes when the ball is getting bigger after every failed shot?

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Новое в этой версии

Xbox Live support! Every course now has a randomly generated skyscraper, mountain range or rolling hill background. A new local profile system. Awardment progress, invert settings, and statistics, including rounds played, holes in one and multiplayer victories in every mode and modifier, can now be stored for multiple different users on the same Xbox Live profile. Five new modifiers: Square Ball, Egg Ball, Portal Walls, Invisiball and Inverted Size Change. The ability to mix and match modifiers. Want to play with a sticky egg ball in Mars gravity or a square ball in a course made up only of flatlands? You can do that now! A new ‘Random Every Hole’ modifier option, which will select new modifiers to play with on every hole. Good luck, you usually need it… Multiplayer games can now be set to be unlimited or end after 18, 9 or 3 holes. A new handicap system has been added to multiplayer. Level the playing field by giving weaker players higher handicaps. The ability to view your scorecard mid-round. Controls can now be inverted and controller prompts changed to DualShock 4 buttons. Both of those options are available under ‘Settings’ on the Main Menu. The previous tutorial has been replaced with a new text-less animated tutorial. Rounds can be restarted and settings changed whilst playing a round. Shots can now be hit for 100% whenever the shot is started on the screen. Various bug fixes and quality of life improvements.


  • Six single player modes, including an endless mode for those who want the golf to never end.
  • Stroke Play and Match Play local multiplayer for two to four players.
  • Multiple additional modifiers that can be used together to change how the game plays. Fancy playing in Mars gravity with a square ball that sticks to the first surface it touches? Go right ahead.
  • Procedurally generated courses and holes, allowing for billions of potential courses.
  • Set daily courses that players can play over and over for one day only.
  • 30 'awardments' to unlock as players try and do well over the various modes and modifiers.

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Ellis Spice

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Ellis Spice

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