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#1 in 17 countries with a built-in User Guide - Batch convert a few files, or entire photo collections, folders and drives. HEIC to JPG (JPEG) converts files while retaining (or removing) the metadata (EXIF), original folder structure, and gives you control over the quality/compression level with a live preview. Your conversion, your way. • Take control of the quality/compression with real-time preview • Create JPG files in a new folder, optionally preserving the original HEIC folder hierarchy. • Create JPG files side-by-side with the original HEIC files, with the same filename. • Copy the creation and modification dates, or use the system dates. • Runs locally, no internet required • Copies Metadata, or removes it, your choice. HEIC to JPG is focused on making things as easy as possible, simply drag 'n' drop your files and folders, select your options and go for a coffee, we take all the hard work out of finding and converting those photos, in an elegant and modern user interface. Useful for • Converting iCloud photo downloads to JPG or JPEG • Standardising on your image file formats • Formats for publishing to the web or ftp • Projects for teams or 3rd parties to consume • Easier searching for images Technical Notes: • Conversion is a very computer intensive process, it will take time.

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