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Take control of all your documents with Hub 365 Accounting, a Document Management System designed especially for Accountants and accounting practices. Hub 365 is a growing suite of software apps designed for businesses large and small. The Accounting app is designed for accountants to simplify and automate their document management. Simply drag the document onto the landing area and it will be filed in the correct place within the document management system. All your documents are easy to retrieve and stored exactly where you want them to be. All the documents are easy to find, easy to retrieve. Modifications to documents can be made simply with the software you normally use. All the benefits of an automated workflow with none of the hassles. Hub 365 Accounting utilizes the latest version (v4) of DVANA’s ArkStream Document Management Engine. By utilizing an adaptive resource catalogue and smart placement, the ArkStream Engine is able to quickly file and retrieve your documents, making the whole process quick and easy. Get your work done simple and faster. Always have the information to hand, this means: * Being able to answer your clients question, now while they’re on the phone * Always having information at your fingertips * Never loosing information or documents because of a filing error * Always being able to find what you’re looking for. The Accounting app forms part of the larger Hub 365 system by DVANA and forms the accountants document management section of the system. Hub 365 Accounting requires a Hub 365 subscription which is currently only available directly through DVANA. Pricing is per user per month. Without an active subscription, this app has no utility. Contact our support email address via the support link and we'll get you setup to use Hub 365 Accounting. The free Hub 365 Admin app is needed as part of the Hub 365 system.

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