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Time to clean up the pool for your spring and summer party time. ☀ ☂ Spring is in the air and summer will be upon us soon. This means it is time for poolside parties. 🍹🎉🎊 Now, you have not used the pool all winter long and you can see how unclean it looks.🤢 😷 Therefore, it is time for clean up. This cleaning game will help you restore your pool just in time for the party you have been looking forward to. ⛱😎 🌞 Click on the screen you feel like cleaning. Look out! Each pool is in a quite bad condition 🙅🏼 and you have to make it look top notch. Use the different tools and resources to get started on clean up. Take out the empty box, dust and other debris collected over the months. Finally, it is time to rinse away the dirty water. TADA! You are ready for your pool party. To make the area look fancy for the party, use the tools in the accessories’ panel. String up some twinkly lights 🏮 and line the poolside with relaxing chairs. You are surely going to have the party of the year. 👌🏻

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Unit M Limited

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Unit M, 2017


Unit M Limited

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